If your heart is calling for something more, the answer may be closer than you think. That answer comes from within, from connecting to a deep place in your heart that inherently knows the “truth”. Sufism shows you various ways to connect to that place within your heart. Sufism uses practical tools that can be accessed at a moment’s notice and practices that can be folded into your every day routine of living life.

There is nothing more fulfilling in life than growing in love, mercy and peace.
We invite you to investigate a way to live a life filled with purpose and joy.

Are you…

  • Burned out
  • Stressed
  • Lack vitality
  • Feeling trapped
  • Desire change
  • Seek new spiritual tools
  • Looking for inspiration
  • In failing health
  • Needing guidance


The goal of Sufi Center of Bastrop

  • Assist all walks of life, all religious preferences (or non-religious preferences) to live joyful lives.
  • Develop meaningful fulfillment, peace, and love in life.
  • To live free of hatred, envy, treachery, jealousy, anger and revenge.
  • Ability to return to this place of peace and fulfillment within our being regardless of outside circumstances.
  • Grow in the knowledge that we are each part of the fabric of existence, a mere thread in the total creation.
  • Share the tools which allow us to tap into the vast resources of our inner beings.
  • Teach ways of accessing that which is beyond the limited range of our 5 senses.

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Called ADHD also.

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