If your heart is calling for something more, the answer may be closer than you think. That answer comes from within, from connecting to a deep place in your heart that inherently knows the “truth”. Sufism shows you various ways to connect to that place within your heart. Sufism uses practical tools that can be accessed at a moment’s notice and practices that can be folded into your every day routine of living life.

There is nothing more fulfilling in life than growing in love, mercy and peace.
We invite you to investigate a way to live a life filled with purpose and joy.

Are you…

  • Burned out
  • Stressed
  • Lack vitality
  • Feeling trapped
  • Desire change
  • Seek new spiritual tools
  • Looking for inspiration
  • In failing health
  • Needing guidance


The goal of Sufi Center of Bastrop

  • Assist all walks of life, all religious preferences (or non-religious preferences) to live joyful lives.
  • Develop meaningful fulfillment, peace, and love in life.
  • To live free of hatred, envy, treachery, jealousy, anger and revenge.
  • Ability to return to this place of peace and fulfillment within our being regardless of outside circumstances.
  • Grow in the knowledge that we are each part of the fabric of existence, a mere thread in the total creation.
  • Share the tools which allow us to tap into the vast resources of our inner beings.
  • Teach ways of accessing that which is beyond the limited range of our 5 senses.

The results provide a better knowledge of cancer wasting.

The scholarly study, led by experts with The Ohio Condition University Comprehensive Cancer Middle – Arthur G. James Cancer Medical center and Richard J. Solove Research Institute, is normally released in the November problem of the journal Malignancy Cell. The extensive research implies that muscle cells lose quite a lot of the proteins dystrophin during cancers wasting, and that subtle adjustments occur in two additional proteins connected with dystrophin in the membrane of muscle tissue cells. These proteins type the dystrophin glycoprotein complicated . Dystrophin and DGC are also dropped in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. ‘The increased loss of dystrophin and harm to the DGC seem to be essential players in the advancement of both tumor losing and muscular dystrophy,’ says principal investigator Denis C. Continue reading

Or both eyes Resistance to Bacteria.

Or both eyes.aracts? What causes cataracts?Cataracts are cloudy areas in the lens inside the eye – which is usually clear Resistance to Bacteria . Cataracts can develop in one or both eyes. If they develop in both eyes, you will be hit harder than others. A normally clear lens, the light to the back of the eye over, so that the patient defined images. Defined images. If a portion of the lens opaque light just does not happen and the patient’s vision is blurred – as through turbid water or misted window. The more opaque the lens, the worse his the person’s vision. After Medilexicon medical dictionary, is cataract ‘full or partial opacity of the eye lens There are two types of cataract. Diabetes – make sure , under control, follow your treatment plan diligently.Exercise – researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reported that reduces the risk of both cataracts and macular degeneration. Complications. Continue reading

12 Hilberg F.

12 Hilberg F. ‘BIBF1120 a novel, small molecule triple angiokinase inhibitor. As a as a clinical candidate for cancer therapy, ‘European Journal of Cancer Supplements 2004; 2:50 Lewis J. Kleinsmith. ‘Understanding Cancer and Related Topics: Understanding Angiogenesis ‘Rockville: National Cancer Institute, Find here Accessed 5. May 2009. P Boyle and B Levin . ‘World Cancer Report 2008. World Health Organization: International Agency for Research on Cancer. Possibility08. American Cancer Society. ‘Cancer Facts and Figures 2008.’Atlanta: 2008. Available at: Accessed 5 May 2009. American Cancer Society. ‘Ovarian Cancer Detailed Guide.

Improvement in physical function is an important goal of therapy for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, who often experience disability and loss of function, which can significantly reduce the quality of life. Many people with RA are unable to groom or dress themselves and some can not go because of the debilitating effects of their illness. Continue reading

ResCare president and chief executive officer.

Ralph G. Gronefeld, ResCare president and chief executive officer, said: ‘The acquisition of Select Health Care Services expands our home care offers in Texas and fits perfectly into our ResCare HomeCare operations nationwide We welcome the employees Select Healthcare. Services, and we look forward to services offered to serve the people of Houston and surrounding areas. ‘.

Currently under Blog with with pre-meeting announcements. After the plenary session from 8.00 clock on Monday, the blog will be updated several times a day with highlights from the meeting. Will will give the keynote address the plenary session at ‘Sleep, dreams and consciousness – a new paradigm. ‘Hobson is a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Continue reading

Sixty-four patients had Grade 1 complications.

Sixty-four patients had Grade 1 complications, most commonly hyperbilirubinemia and pleural effusion. Eleven donors had Grade II complications, mostly bile leakage. One donor had a Grade III complication. And no donors had Grade IV or IV complications. At the one-year follow-up were 93 % of normal donor bilirubin and ALT levels. It follows that most of these side effects were mild and self-limited, 78 % of right liver donors still experienced morbidity, the authors report. From now on,re, continuous standardized reporting of the donor morbidity as well as meticulous surgery and intensive care is essential to the success of donor right hepatectomy implementation.

In an effort of living right liver donorsMore than 78 % of living right liver donors experienced postoperative complications, according to a new study that used a reproducible complication classification. Most of the complications were minor, but some were more serious. The full results are published in Liver Transplantation, a journal published by John Wiley & Sons. The article is also available online via Wiley InterScience at. Continue reading

The findings by a team of researchers at the Ohio State University were journal journal Brain http://genericsildenafil.org/sildenafil-for-pulmonary-hypertension.

The findings by a team of researchers at the Ohio State University were journal journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity. It is the latest from more than three decades of research into links between psychological stress and immunity http://genericsildenafil.org/sildenafil-for-pulmonary-hypertension .

Part of the study, however, does not go according to plans.Changes in the medical curriculum and the distribution of major tests throughout the year than during a tense three days, as have done in the past, removed much of the stress that medical students in earlier studies in previous studies. These students were not scared you were not really stressed out you were really to sleep well during that time, so we do not effect we were expecting we expected said, ‘Kiecolt-Glaser. Continue reading

Epidemiologists with UC Cincinnati Childhood Allergy and Air Pollution Study.

Epidemiologists with UC Cincinnati Childhood Allergy and Air Pollution Study , the National Institute for the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences found that children high levels of secondhand smoke, also had allergic sensitization in early childhood are at greater risk for decreased lung function at age 7 than children who did not developed allergic sensitization that age.

CCAAPS is a long-term childhood study to examine the effects of environmental factors on respiratory health and allergy development. All children in the study had at least one parent with known allergies and were followed from infancy until the age of 7. Hair at the age of at the age of 2 and 4, to measure average cotinine concentrations. At age 7, all children had lung function and asthma diagnostic tests. This information was then correlated with data on allergy awareness through annual skin prick allergy test, collected self – questionnaires to allergic symptoms and the home / school environment. Continue reading

Rather than those are not aware.

In addition, a National Institutes of Health study in March 2008 the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome people living with HIV found that people living with HIV who were aware of their HIV status, rather than those are not aware, were their status, study period. Prevent the transmission of HIV to their partners. The study, conducted from 2001 to 2004 found that the increase in the share of people living with HIV aware of their aware of their serostatus could be be credited with preventing nearly 6,000 HIV infections during this 3-year study period..

These decreases in addition to the general tendency of boys engage less in these types of behaviors as they approach and enter adulthood were, said David Kerr, assistant professor of psychology at Oregon State University and lead author of the study. Controlling for the aging process, fatherhood was an independent factor in predicting decreases in crime, alcohol and tobacco use. . Continue reading

The Minneapolis reported the Star Tribune.

Minnesota-based Guidant last year, an estimated 300,000 implantable cardioverter-defibrillators for the possibility recalled that the devices to malfunction. According to the Star Tribune, the doctors of an ICD patients died ‘went public with their concerns,’after learning that Guidant is the possibility of malfunction was ‘not tell physicians and patients about the potential problem. ‘In the briefing on Thursday, Schultz said: ‘We have to be more vigilant when terms of how terms of how we monitor these devices as soon as they bring. ‘We recognize that one of the greatest challenges in terms of providing useful information and we understand that many of the concerns that has been raised in the course of the last few months of the year with regard to the information that we present..

In addition to insights into CGD, a condition in which an enzyme defect prevents white blood cells in the body to kill invading bacteria, the new findings highlight how abnormal white blood cell function can predispose individuals IBD, and can help to look, why IBD develops. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are the most common forms of IBD. Continue reading

Last weekProposed Polish law that could ban discussions on homosexuality read all article.

Last weekProposed Polish law that could ban discussions on homosexuality, HIV HIV / AIDS educationHuman Rights Watch a letter to a letter to Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, that a bill proposed in the country, on the debate ban homosexuality in schools would violate freedom of speech and could deny children reported to HIV / AIDS education, the London Guardian access. The legislation proposed last week, the deputy education minister Miroslaw Orzechowski, would allow the teachers to promote of what it means to be fired ‘gay culture. ‘According to the AP / International Herald Tribune, the bill clearly define clearly define by by gay culture, but seems basic information on HIV / AIDS and education are the promotion of tolerance towards men who have sex with men read all article . Education Minister Roman Giertych said that the aim of the proposed legislation is to ‘prohibit the promotion of homosexuality and other deviance. But in reality, ‘You have to limit homosexual propaganda so that children do not have a wrong view of the family, ‘President Lech Kaczynski support for the law support for the law HRW in the letter to Jaroslaw. Called upon called upon to stop the legislation, the rights of MSM and women who have sex with women in schools and ‘disassociate his government promote the rhetoric, the discrimination and spreads hatred. ‘Scott Long, director of the gay rights HRW program said: ‘Polish authorities claim to be protecting families, but in reality, denying attempting children freedom of expression and lifesaving information about HIV / AIDS. ‘He added: ‘schools should be training grounds for tolerance, not bastions of repression and discrimination. ‘the proposed law faces a vote in the Parliament, the AP / Herald Tribune reports . ‘Courtesy of you, the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy view Report, search the archives, or sign up for email delivery at Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report strongly supported kaiser network a free service of The Henry J. Published. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.

They analyzed 35 genes identified to distinguish infection and pathogens help with better than average success rate. Doctors were able the the flu coli and streptococcal infections in 95 % of cases. A different set of genes from E. Coli differ staph infections, 85 % accuracy. Further investigations showed clear distinction between viral and bacterial pneumonia. Continue reading